YourPeople is a global management consulting firm in business strategy. We serve clients at the top, help CEO’s , CFO’s and their leadership teams to build stronger organizations and achieve greater performance, effective relations and creating sustainable impact. People are the key for the future success of an organization. YourPeople!

With the emergence of new competitive challenges and innovation drivers, a new governance and control approach is needed that understands people to be the driver of competitiveness instead of mere production factors.
Leading and staying in control of the direction of the organization without the rigid processes that hinder today’s organizations means a new stage of organizational growth and employee engagement.
traditional approaches can’t keep up anymore with competitive changes.

YourPeople offers the Authentic Governance and Control Framework, which guides you to a sustainable organization.
The benefits of YourPeople’s Authentic Governance and Control Framework consist of reaching:

•    Performance excellence driven by collaboration;
•    Effective relations that enhance co-creation;
•    Sustainable innovation to boost strategic impact.

We offer advice to board members and lectures, workshops and e-learning to managers as well as their team members.   
Essential issues we discuss in our offerings:
•    How do you stay in control of your people?
•    How do you lead your people?
•    How do you lead, and are you in control of your people’s achievement and enhancements?
•    How will your people be able to manage and lead themselves when you loosen your direct control?
•    How will your organization be in control and compliant when loosen your direct control?
So it is all about your people! YourPeople!

Our experts have over 25 years of experience in advising CEO’s, other board members and top 50 of decision makers of corporates. In addition, we have run over hundreds of workshops with board members and other decision makers.
Engaged professionals ensures that YourPeople can deliver the right experience and expertise to you and your people. YourPeople!