• Performance excellence
    Your people do not focus on fears and survival techniques, but rather use their individual strengths and focus on targets for the organization.
  • Effective relationships
    Your people know exactly how to serve their contacts on a step-by-step approach, keeping the organization targets in mind. Keywords are cross-buy and inter-creation.
  • Boosting enterprise value
    Your people are capable to transform their inner incentives into the integrated performance and impact strategy. Performance and impact are created on top of lifecycles of technological, product and market developments.

More specifically, this means you get:

  • An understanding of the importance of people in the current business scenario, and their role in driving innovation and growth.
  • An introduction to the concept of self-leadership and the means to implement it into an organization in order to boost employee performance and work dynamics.
  • The resources to analyze the key positions in an organization and how to choose the right form of leadership for each.
  • Tools to become aware if you have the right people on the right places in your organization, based on people‚Äôs personalities.
  • A thorough plan for accountability for your organization, following the 3rd generation governance and control principles.
  • A flexible and comfortable approach to learning concepts that will change you and your organization.

Course resources

Three online modules will provide step-by-step training and several forms of in-depth materials to guide you and your organization:

  1. Written materials. Clear and thorough, our written materials explain the organizational methodology and framework our program proposes. They compose the largest portion of the e-learning materials and include diagrams and other graphical representations to enhance the learning process.
  2. Videos. Videos will be available throughout the modules in order to assist in the learning experience.
  3. Tools and Plans. Several documents will be available to successfully introduce and actually implement the 3rd generation governance framework into your organization. These allow processes to be planned and progress to be tracked.