The course ‘Self-leadership: Towards a 3rd Generation Authentic Governance and Control Framework’ is designed to provide a concrete framework to help you and your organization achieve sustainable growth. With an emphasis on practicality, our program guides the top management through two phases of implementation, followed by an application of our framework to the entire organization. The course includes comprehensive enhancement and performance plans and the tools for self-development to ultimately guide an organization in developing and allowing its people to develop themselves. Through the 3rd generation corporate governance approach an organization can come into closer contact with its people, increasing their happiness and drawing out significantly greater benefits from their contribution.

Parts of the program can be done in workshops, which will stimulate learning through discussions with others and deepening the insights with a professional coach. Through e-learning your employees will gain further knowledge and generate their personal performance and enhancement plan which allow them to flourish (in) your organization.

Course resources

Three online modules will provide step-by-step training and several forms of in-depth materials to guide you and your organisation:

  • Written materials. Clear and thorough, our written materials explain the organizational methodology and framework our program proposes. They compose the largest portion of the e-learning materials and include diagrams and other graphical representations to enhance the learning process.
  • Videos. Videos will be available throughout the modules in order to assist in the learning experience.
  • Tools and Plans. Several documents will be available to successfully introduce and actually implement the 3rd generation governance framework into your organization. These allow processes to be planned and progress to be tracked.

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